20 Apr 2019 AEP Administrator

THAI NGUYEN - Thai Nguyen University held the most anticipating event to celebrate its 25th Foundation Anniversary last April 19, 2019. The TNU Impression 2019 bowled over the whole TNU Community as the queens from different universities come as one to showcase their alluring beauty.

One of the undeniably queens who stood out was Ella Arandia Elejorde from AEP-K49 who is studying Environmental Science and Management at Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. This young fine lady was able to make it to the top 20 and conquered the stage of TNU Impression 2019 to secure the Top 5 that will move to the Question and Answer portion.

The question that was given to her is "What is the one thing you hate the most and how do you handle it?" With the help of her translator, she was able to express her answer in the most confident way.

"The thing I hate the most are those people who criticize people without knowing them personally. We are loved by our parents so it's not polite, right or respectful if someone judge a person without knowing them personally... you should respect each other... no matter what is their size, color, nationality, RESPECT is the key."

After that winning answer, Ella made it to the top 3 and was announced as TNU Impression 2019 1st Runner Up. She also received the Online Voting Award for Most Liked and Shared Photo.

She is Ella Elejorde, a 19-year old Filipina student of AEP-TUAF, who won the heart of many people for standing in her advocacy about criticism and body shaming. She is one of the Ambassadors of AEP and the Pride of Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry.