The Final Oral Defense of K46 AEP Students on 21 October 2018

23 Oct 2018 AEP Administrator

One of the most important events in the previous week is the Final Oral Defense of K46 AEP students organized on October 21, 2018. This year, the Advanced Education Program organized the oral defense day for 68 AEP students batch 46 with fruitful results and beyond the office's expectation. 

The event started with a short meeting for announcing the decision from TUAF and also informing the list of the Panels and candidates. On behalf of the University Rector board, Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung Vice Rector - the Director of Advanced Education Programs Office made a speech opening the Final Oral Defense.

Prof. Dr. Nguyen The Hung having a speech opening the event

In this prominent event, the Council was impressed by a variety of scientific research integrated with practical applications and also job training. Not only does this equip students a deeper understanding about their field but it also lays a foundation on their future career. 

A K46 Filippino student having his presentation 

A K46 Vietnamese student performing her work's results after an internship 

An Indonesian AEP student defending her research by answering questions from the panels

Group picture of the Panels and AEP students

As our expectations, the event closed fruitfully. Both the panels and students are contented with the results of the defense day. The Advanced Education Programs hope that these experiences will be unforgettable in each AEP student's life and hence equip them the know-how and essential skills for the new era and also in Technology Revolution 4.0.

Together they save precious memories

AEP Admin