Exchange Student Opportunity at University Malaysia Sabah

Exchange Student Opportunity at University Malaysia Sabah


University Malaysia Sabah, established in 1994, is located amidst South China Sea and lush greeneries. Universiti Malaysia Sabah strives to be an innovative university of global standing. Courses are offered in wide range of disciplines including science & technology, engineering & information technology, tropical forestry, food science& nutrition, business & economics, social science, psychology & social work, education, arts, international business and agriculture.

Overseas students coming to Universiti Malaysia Sabah have found the university to be a congenial place to study.  Friendships are easily built.   The university has a comprehensive range of support services for international students.  University staff members are accustomed to working with students of various ethnic, cultural and educational backgrounds.  This makes adjustment to living and studying in the university community easy.

Support services provided for international students include assistance with initial university applications, assistance in student visa applications, administrative advice, and orientation programmes to enable new students to become familiar with the campus and its facilities, as well as to meet other students.

Rankings: 211-220 in 2016 by Asian University Rankings

                  151-200 in 2016 in term of Agriculture and Forestry by QS World University Rankings

FREE: tuition-fee, dormitory on campus and airport pickup


For AEP students, you could be able to choose the same subjects in the link below and compare to AEP curriculum.

List of program:


Number of applicant: maximum 5 students

Application deadline: No later than 26th May 2017.

Application forms: can be downloaded from the  UMS website:

How to apply as international undergraduate student:

UMS website


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