I love living in Vietnam

Vietnam is a country located in Southeast Asia with a culture blended from different countries wherein the culture was passed over the country and its people, from the 2000 years under the Chinese colonialization to the more modern culture of French people up to the independence movement of the mid-20th century, Vietnam is now being recognized by world and tourists because of its natural and beautiful landscapes, green paddy fields, friendly and disciplined people and its geography.

As a foreign student living in Vietnam there are some reasons why I want to go back to this country anytime whenever I finished my study. From the Red River Delta or “the cultural cradle of Vietnam” in the north to the vast maze rivers and pagodas of the Mekong Delta in the south, Vietnam also has a long history and ancient traditions that Vietnamese should be proud of. But not just that they also have great beaches like Thailand, amazing temples that Cambodia have and business opportunities like in the Philippines.

I cannot just focus on one reason why I love Vietnam, there are too many things what I like here but I can point out what I really love in my staying in this wonderful country.

First are the foods, especially street foods where you can just sit on both sides of the street and eat the iconic pho or bun (Bun nem), it’s my favorite when it comes to bun or pho. They also have bread with either or both meat and egg (banh my tit, banh my trung), sticky rice with either or you can have both meat and egg (xoi tit, xoi trung). But not just that, when I was going to but something I saw fried doves I think and I was shock because we don’t have that in our country where you can buy fried doves for just a cheap price.  Aside from foods they also have amazing tea and café culture, well you should not be surprised because Vietnam is the second biggest producer of coffee in the world and I can tell you now they have a delicious coffee and tea, because when I went to back to Philippines for summer vacation I brought some coffee and they really love it and since I live in Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam I’m proud that I tasted the tea that they are producing because Thai Nguyen has the best tea in the whole Vietnam and I swear to you that you will agree if you will taste it too.

Coming from the list is that they have fast Internet, Vietnam (specifically Hanoi) has 17.0 Mbps when it comes to download it is really nice when it comes to downloading large files and using skype and at the same time as I said before they have an amazing café culture so having coffee with a fast internet, what can you ask for plus when you are having a good time in a café they will give sunflower seeds. It’s like a safe haven for a person that has a leisure time to relax and feel free.

As a Filipino living in a country that does not have winter season, it was hard for me to live in Vietnam given that they have winter season starting from November or December and will last until January or February but even though it’s hard to adapt it is one of the reason why I love Vietnam, the weather is good, and they have wonderful seasons too. You can feel the direct heat from the sun in summer up to the chilling winds of winter. It was a wonderful feeling when the breeze touches your face that the air gives.

Vietnam’s long history is also one thing that I like the most especially when it comes to Ho Chi Minh, when I was an Elementary student we discussed Vietnam war and I was like “did they really do that and how did they beat America?” and as I read various books about the war, I recognized that Vietnamese have a brilliant mind about using tunnels (tunnel system), they are very brave and courageous sacrificing their life for their country. Colonial influences are visible everywhere too, especially France and Chinese culture, from the architecture to the food to coffee, every corner you can see different cultures from different countries. Museums and monuments too, Vietnam’s past and their stories are fascinating.

Who will not love Hanoi? I think no one, when we went to Hanoi I was so amazed and happy at the same time because it is a wonderful city because it’s an Asian city with a European characteristic basically French since they colonized Vietnam, street foods everywhere, souvenirs, fresh and delicious dishes, it’s also cheap there, amazing temples and shops in every corner where you can buy something that you can brought to your country.

Vietnam also have fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables, they have been given a nice season to grow fruits and vegetables and in addition to that they also have a good geography, fertile soils that is good for agriculture where they excel since they are an agricultural country. You will not just love the vegetables and fruits just because it’s delicious and fresh but also because it’s cheap unlike in our country, agricultural foods are a little bit expensive. Rice is cheap too, I was shocked when I knew that a kilo of rice is only 17.000 VND I think because in Philippines it’s 25.000 VND per kilo and it is way too expensive.

Who can forget about going to the beach when going out of country? I’m not going to leave Vietnam if I will not swim to their beaches even once, you have to try it. Vietnam’s beaches are very beautiful if you want to try white sand and clear water you can find it in Vietnam, some maybe prefer Thailand or Cambodia but Vietnam’s beaches are tourist’s spot. I did some research on the beaches and what I can suggest are Nha Trang, Mui Ne, Doc Let, Con Dao and Phu Quoc.

From the beaches in Vietnam I also love Ha Long Bay in North Vietnam also known as “Bay of Descending Dragons”, it’s a top tourist spot and attraction where you can see thousands of islands, jungle vegetation and floating houses of fishermen living there and on the islands there are big caves too.

And last in the list things I like the most in Vietnam are its people. Vietnamese people are very enthusiastic, active, well-disciplined, kind, optimistic, generous, industrious and thoughtful. You can see Vietnamese people playing football and badminton even though they feel the direct heat, they are very active on their lifestyle and you can see to their community that they are well disciplined when it comes to the cleanliness of the streets. They are respectful too, they are very grateful to their parents, they greet everyone even though they don’t know a person. They always work for their family. People are the heart of a nation so looking into its people, they really love their country.

Truly Vietnam is a gorgeous country rich in history and diverse culture that were put up together and you will really fall in love with this place and its people.

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