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Sinh viên quốc tế nói gì?

Chia sẻ cảm nhận của sinh viên trao đổi Mathias Pollesel - Đại học Purpan, Pháp 2017.

Đăng lúc: 09:12:55 25/12/2017 - Người đăng bài viết: Admin CTTT - Đã Đọc: 332

Mathias Pollesel - Exchange student from Purpan University, France 2017.

I will miss you Vietnam ???? ????????
️I don't want to do it but i have to say goodbye to this unbelieve country and this unbelievable people ! It was the best experience in my life ! YOU Vietnamese, you Filipinos, you Indonesian and you Malaysians, i consider you as very close friends !!  Maybe with time I will forget what we said or whay we did together but I will never forget how i felt during this 4 months with you guys !!

To say goodbye, i made for all of you a short videos of all the moments we have shared together !! (ps: i was too lazy to sort the pictures :p)
Hẹn gặp lại, tôi sẽ nhờ bạn !! 
A la prochaine, je vous aime <3


Field trip in Tam Dao - 2017